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by Moisés Kaufman

and the Members of Tectonic Theater Project

The US West World Premiere was produced by

The Denver Center Theatre Company

Donovan Marley, Artistic Director

in association with

Tectonic Theater Project

Moisés Kaufman, Artistic Director

Originally produced in New York City at the Union Square Theatre

by Roy Gabay and Tectonic Theater Project in association with Gayle Francis and the Araca Group

Associate Producers: Mara Issacs and Hart Sharp Entertainment.

The Laramie Project was developed in part with the support of

The Sundance Theatre Laboratory


Written by Moisés Kaufman


Leigh Fondakowski


Stephen Belber, Greg Pierotti, Stephen Wangh


Amanda Gronich, Sarah Lambert, John McAdams, 

Maude Mitchell, Andy Paris, Barbara Pitts, Kelli Simpkins


by Moisés Kaufman

The Laramie Project was written through a unqiue collaboration by Tectonic Theater Project. During the year-and-a-half development of the play, members of the company and I traveled to Laramie six times to conduct interviews with the people of the town. We transcribed and edited the interviews, then conducted several workshops in which the members of the companu presented material and acted as dramturgs in the creation of the play. 

As the volume of material grew with each additional trip to Laramie, a small writers' group from within the company began to work closely with me to further organize and edit the material, conduct additonal research in Laramie, and collaborate on the writing of the play. This group was led by Leigh Fondakowski as Head Writer, with Stephen Belber and Greg Pierotti as Associate Writers. 

As we got closer to the play's first production in Denver, the actors, including Stephen Belber and Greg Pierotti, turned their focus to performance, while Leigh Fondakowski continued to work with me on drafts of the play, as did Stephen Wangh, who by then had joined us as an Associate Writer and "bench coach."