Our Thanks To...

Even as a cast of 30+ students, our show would not have possible without some very generous individuals who volunteered many hours of their time, and money into helping our show. Here are the people to whom we owe many thanks: 

Lorenzo's Pizzeria 

Proud Sponser 

2201 Arch Street, Ottawa, ON, K1G 2H5

Lorenzo's is another favourite for the cast of The Laramie Project. With quick, kind service, and a large selection of delicious food items, and alcholic beverages, Lorenzo's Pizzeria is a great place to take the family to, or spend your Friday night. At Saturday rehearsals, Lorenzo's Pepperoni Pizza is the cast's top pick! During the day, Lorenzo's is Canterbury students favourite spot for lunch. Located just down the street from Canterbury, this is a great pre-show dinner spot for our audience. 

Glen Walton 

Proud Sponser 

6-2148 Carling Ave, Ottawa, ON, K2A 1H1

Before becoming an Ottawa Realtor, Glen was born and raised in Leicester, England til the age of 12, whereupon he immigrated to Edmonton, Alberta in 1982, then finally settled down in Ottawa in 1986. As an Ottawa Realtor , he always strives for excellence when it comes to service and customer support. Glen's primary aim for clients is to transform the process of selling or buying a home into a comfortable, effortless journey, sprinkled with a chuckle or two! He brings a distinctive approach to working with both sellers and buyers, ensuring that he secures the top dollar for sellers' homes and find the perfect house at the best price in the ideal location for buyers. His commitment is to delivering the finest customer service spans from the initial consultation to the final stages of each transaction. His daughter, Priya, has been in our Drama program for four years now. As a Laramie Project sponser, Glen has contributed to our fundraising greatly. Thank you Glen Walton! 

Shawarma Rosana

Proud Sponser

2219 Arch Street, Ottawa, ON K1G2H5

Just down the street from Canterbury High School, Shawarma Rosana is beloved by the students, and the Alta Vista community. Their store is a fan favourite with our show's cast at dinner break. From Chicken Shawarma's, to Falafel Wraps, and their classic Rosana Platter, Shawarma Rosana is the place to go for lunch, and dinner. Located at 2219 Arch Street, stop by and grab some dinner before you watch The Laramie Project. 

Michael Vlamis

Artistic Contributer

Michael Vlamis is a member of the Grade 12 drama program, and has travelled alongside his peers for the last four years. Unfortunetly due to taking high amounts of academic courses, he was unable to take the gradshow course, however, this did not stop him from sneaking his way in, and putting his own touch on the show. Close friend, Miranda- a member of the cast, reached out with some ideas for Poster Design, and Digital Program which he helped bring to life. Through many weeks of trial and error, Michael was able to complete our beautiful Poster, Website Design, and Headshots. We are very greatful for Michael's hard work on these tasks that he was not obligated to make, but chose to anyways through the kindness, and passion of his heart. The cast thanks you greatly Michael!