Support our Production

About our Production: The Laramie Project is the story of a town in Laramie Wyoming that portrays what repercussions a tragedy can have on a town, and what type of atmosphere it can create. 

The Canterbury production features thirty grade twelve drama students who are dedicated and passionate in making this production our last goodbye as we embark the next chapter. Choosing to support this production would mean that you're helping bring this production to life, and making the show's story, and the students come to life. 

Support Local LGBTQ+ Charity

About Kind Space: Located in Ottawa on unceded Algonquin territory, Kind Space is a community center that provides social and educational programming, events, and resources. Gender identities, expressions, and sexual orientations that are marginalized are valued, supported, and celebrated in the work they do. We choose to support them on our page because we believe that all LGBTQ+ youth deserve to have access the programs that Kind Space provides.