Content Warnings:

Discussion of violence, mentioned sexual assault, murder, explicit language, discrimination, smoking, and homophobia. 


The Laramie Project was written in response to the heinous murder of Matthew Shepard, a gay man living in Laramie, Wyoming. Moises Kaufmen along with members of the Tectonic Theatre Project traveled to the town, and conducted interviews of the communities views on the events that transpired. Over time, after hearing the stories and views of Laramie, the members of Tectonic Theatre pieced everything together in one swift, and beautiful stroke to tell the story of Matthew Shepard. Not one simply of darkness, anger, or despair-- but hope and healing as a community -- as a whole.


MOMENT: A Definition

MOMENT: Journal Entries

MOMENT: Rebecca Hilliker

MOMENT: Angels in America

MOMENT: Journal Entries

MOMENT: Alison and Marge

MOMENT: Matthew

MOMENT: Who’s Getting What?

MOMENT: Easier Said Than Done

MOMENT: Journal Entries

MOMENT: The Word

MOMENT: A  Scarf

MOMENT: Life Style 1

MOMENT: The Fireside

MOMENT: McKinney and Henderson

MOMENT: The Fence

MOMENT: Finding Matthew Shepard

MOMENT: A Laramie Man

MOMENT: The Essential Facts

MOMENT: Live and Let Live

MOMENT: The Gem City of the Plans

MOMENT: Medical Update

MOMENT: Seeing Matthew


MOMENT: Vigils

MOMENT: Medical Update

MOMENT: Live and Let Live

MOMENT: It Happened Here


MOMENT: Shannon and Jen

MOMENT: Homecoming

MOMENT: One Of Ours

MOMENT: Two Queers and A Catholic Priest

MOMENT: Christmas

MOMENT: Life Style 2

MOMENT: That Night

MOMENT: Medical Update

MOMENT: Magnitude



MOMENT: Jury Selection

MOMENT: Russell Henderson

MOMENT: Angels In America

MOMENT: A Death Penalty Case

MOMENT: Aaron McKinney

MOMENT: Gay Panic

MOMENT: Aaron McKinney (Continued)

MOMENT: The Verdict

MOMENT: Dennis Shepard’s Statement

MOMENT: Aftermath

MOMENT: Epilogue

MOMENT: Departure